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"African Holistic Health"

African Holistic Health is the best selling book of its kind in the world. It is fast becoming a "Must Read book" for people of all races and cultures. It is the first book of its kind on African Holistic medicine. It provides a wealth of information that had been missing from health, history, social sciences, and holistic dogma.

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ear canalA non-invasive way of cleaning the ear canal using a special candle made of paraffin wax.

About the Candle Throughout history, the process of ear candling has changed little. The hygienist begins with a hollow candle that’s made of unbleached muslin (often immersed in an aromatic herbal solution, and then dried) and shaped into a cone and dipped in beeswax. Candles made with paraffin are not used. Paraffin can cause irritation to the eyes and nose, and some people are allergic to it. For this reason, only imported beeswax candles are used made from unbleached muslin – the purest, most natural candles possible. The cost of the candle is more, but the health and safety of the client is always the only consideration.

Benefits Excessive earwax buildup can cause discomfort, headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), or vertigo. Ear Candling may help alleviate these conditions. Also, ear candling may draw out fungus, infection, candia, and other debris from the outer and inner ear canals and the Eustachian tube through osmosis. However, ear candling should be thought of as a home remedy. While many have found it safe and effective, as well as meditative, it should not replace medical treatment.

History Ear Candling (also known as coning or ear funneling) has been practiced for centuries. It dates back as far as biblical era when hollow reeds from swamp areas were used. It has been passed down for many generations by the Egyptians, the Oriental and European cultures. It can be traced back to the ancient era when the Greeks and Egyptians used it as a folk remedy to improve clarity and focus. Ear Candling was also practiced in cultures as diverse as the Tibetan monks and ancient Mayans. The process was basically lost to common knowledge for many years but has come into practice again and is being used by a wide cross section of people. Today, Ear Candling is performed around the world.

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* Helps remove excess wax and allows better hearing, usually immediately.

* Stimulates and detoxifies the lymphatic system.

* Helps remove parasites growing in the ear.

* Helps clear mold caused by Candia yeast allergy

* Sinuses are able to drain and flow freely reducing pressure.

* Creates balance and rejuvenation of the equilibrium.


  • A non-invasive way of cleaning the ear canal using a special candle made of paraffin wax. Individual treatments (two candles per ear)
  • Series - $200.00 (six treatments within 30 days)
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