About Dr. Williams N.D.

Doctor in Naturopathic Medicine (ND)
Certified Health Consultant
Certified Colon Therapist & Ear Candling Professional

10 Years Experience as a Raw Foodist

Currently training and studying under the world-renowned Dr. Llaila O. Afrika, author of the book “Nutricide: The Nutritional Destruction of the Black Race” Highly requested lecturer and speaker, having given workshops and lectures on varying topics including “Stress Management, as such venues as DePaul University and many others.

Helping you to achieve the Right Balance! As a Nutritional Consultant, I offer advice and education on the many aspects of healthy eating and living. Many people are misinformed of the many areas of their eating habits and lifestyle that cause them harm and detriment. I train persons in the aspects of healthy eating and living, as I know firsthand that maintaining a lifestyle and engaging in healthy habits is key and beneficial to living longer and more productive lives. Having lived in a state of unhealthiness and having battled and overcome obesity, I guide my clients through the steps that I took in order to realize the physical success and well-being that I have achieved. I have devoted my life to ongoing education and training of myself and others in the lifestyle of healthy eating. As an expert in the field, I am a successful lifetime learner, having achieved the following credentials and degrees: I have what it takes to guide you in the path of losing weight and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle!!! I became a Nutritional Consultant to educate people on how to live healthy lives and to let people know that they are not doomed to lives of bad eating, poor health, and early demise. There are many aspects to being a Nutritional Consultant, and as such, I:
  • 1. Lighten things up a bit utilizing my expertise as a trained and certified Colonic Therapist. I administer colonic irrigation treatments that stimulate colon efficiency, provide optimal detoxification and cleansing of the body. I provide lectures and advice on the benefits of having a well colon. Having performed extensive research over a number of years and having corroborated with others in the field, I have instituted a method that has been proven to ensure an enhanced manner of living.
  • 2. Redefine the phrase “good taste” utilizing skills and expertise as a Food and Nutrition Educator. I educate and train people on the proper way to eat and what foods they should and should not eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I advocate and stress the benefits of consuming a diet of natural and organic foods and vegetables. These “colon sweepers”, when used in conjunction with colonic irrigation, provide maximum benefit and results in one’s quest of healthy living. An important aspect of natural and organic food consumption is “juicing” – a regimen by which solid foods is liquefied to become more easily digestible and allow for the consumption of greater amounts in a concentrated form. I provide guidance and assistance in juicing, classes in natural food preparation, and am known in some circles as a “chef of kings”.
  • 3. Aid in the peaceful co-existence of man and earth utilizing expertise as an Herbal Specialist. I am involved in ongoing research and study on the benefits of natural herbs when they are incorporated into one’s daily diet. For years, it has been known that natural herbs are second-to-none in the overall maintenance of health and beauty. I help people to incorporate the use of natural herbs into their lifestyle and encourage the internal and external use of natural herbs as a way to achieve better health.
  • 4. Guide you in scoring big in life utilizing expertise as a Life/Health Coach. I motivate, train, teach, and encourage clients to reach optimal levels of physical, mental, and emotional wellness. I draw on my own past experiences and use those experiences as teaching tools that guide and strengthen my clients. I lead by example, and live my life in a manner that serves as a guide to others.
Most importantly, I enjoy what I do as a Nutritional Consultant! I am honored and blessed to have an opportunity to live a way of life that serves as a guide to others. I want as many people as possible to experience the innumerable benefits I have experienced from living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I am passionate about education, training, and motivation and have dedicated my life to sharing my knowledge with others. I am confident that the benefits of my program will both enhance and complement your own dedication and perseverance in living healthy. I have realized dramatic gains in my own strength, stamina, and endurance by following a few simple, yet meticulous steps. Why don’t you join me?